What a nice surprise Social Media brought us!

When we first started with social media, we thought this could be a great opportunity to grow our business moving forward. It didn’t cross our minds how this would retrieve part of our history from decades ago.

Our company was founded in Brazil in 1945 and our first shipment to the US was in 1967. It was such an important event that it was photographed:

And business since that time only grew, leading us to the opening of our Florida Subsidiary. That’s how we got here. And for our stunning surprise, after joining social media (just recently) we started to receive inquiries and messages from people all over the US who had purchased our products many years ago, or who inherited it from a family member or a loved one. They reached out to us seeking to know more about the history behind that particular product, and this is just too incredible for us not to share. I’ll list a few examples below:

Sewing Box – Manufactured in the 1950s

This product was manufactured by our company in the 50s. It’s an accordion type sewing box with built-in compartments, which was used to store the sewing accessories, very popular at the time.

For Artefama, since that time, nature was our central point. This product is made of wood and the drawings on the top were carefully crafted as a tribute to nature.

It’s a beautiful piece and very well preserved.



Tray – Manufactured in the 1950s


This product was also manufactured by our company in the 1950’s, it’s a tray decorated with butterfly wings.

For Artefama, the main raw material was nature, woods and butterflies were treated and worked on with love by our artisans. Back then, Artefama had its own butterfly nurseries to count on the largest variety of species, and produce authentic and original pieces that were shipped all over the world.


Dining Chair – Manufactured in the 1970’s


This Dining Chair was manufactured in the 1970’s as part of a dining set called Vatican. It was made in Brazil using Imbuia wood, which is a Brazilian hardwood commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinetry and flooring. Originally the back and the seat were hand-made in hemp nylon. In a second stage we added upholstery. Although the fabric we see in this picture is not the original, the structure of the chair remains intact.


We were so pleased to see Artefama as part of the American family for such a long time and we hope we continue to provide all Americans with a comfortable, warm and elegant place to live.

If you too have an Artefama product and would like to know more about its history, please feel free to reach out to us. Click here to send us a message, or share on our social medias:


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