Artefama’s 72th birthday

On February 10th, 2017, Artefama turned 72 years old and celebrated its birthday with its members, with cake and everything!

Founded in 1945, Artefama has always maintained the balance between cutting-edge technology, respect for the environment, and dedication to its members and suppliers. These three pillars have been guiding the company that is today Brazil’s largest exporter of solid wood furniture, with businesses not only in South America but mainly in Europe and in the United States, where the company has its own office, showroom and a warehouse based in the Miami area, Florida.

72 years of success is not for everyone, but that does not mean we’re about to settle, we continue to learn and improve every day, acquiring new technologies and investing in the welfare and training of our employees, so that we can have many many years to come.

This blog was created with the purpose of sharing our history and achievements with you. Hope you can be a part of it! Feel free to reach out to us and Like us on Facebook.


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